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Pine Player Pro

Music player full of diverse and powerful features

Pine Player Remote

Released on Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

You can control music playback remotely using the Pine Player Remote app. Download the Pine Player Remote app for free from the Apple App Store now.


New feature has been added that allows you to control remote music playback using your iPhone or iPad.

Sit back comfortably on the sofa and play your favorite music.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, macOs and Vision Pro
Pine Player Remote Control App

Pine Player Pro is a digital music player specially designed for music lovers using Mac OS. It can play almost any kind of digital audio format including MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA, DSD, etc. It also has a powerful playback function which will allow you to enjoy CUE files with great convenience.


Upsampling function up to 32Bit 768kHz

Pine Player Pro supports a variety of PCM formats, which allows the playback of 16 to 32Bit sound sources. Moreover, it supports sampling of up to 768kHz, so it can reproduce sounds with clear and rich sound quality.

You will agree with us when you actually play regular MP3 files with Pine Player Pro. Needless to say,HD audio files such as DSD can also be upconverted up to 768kHz.


Cross Fade and Gapless Settings

You can use the Cross Fade function to decrease the gap between the songs or overlap them to intensify your musical enjoyment without pausing. This function is settable in seconds.


Convenient and powerful music file conversion function

Pine Player Pro has a built-in converter function that helps you easily convert music files to any format you want. Transitions can easily be made to various bits, sample rates, and audio codecs. There is also a meta editing function that allows you to make your own collection of music by adding or changing the app art or meta data.


High quality Graphic Equalizer and Bass Enhancer

Pine Player Pro internally has a powerful Audio Queue to process massive amounts of digital data. This will provent the damage of sound quality while processing EQ audio signals. In addition, it will accurately adjust the frequency signals to produce high sound quality just like the ones made from professional equipment.

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Upsampling Max 32bit 768kHz


12 Band Graphic Equalize & Dynamic Bass Control 

Try making your own personal tone that is suitable for your music device with the 12-band EQ and Bass control function. You’ll be able to experience vivid sounds just as if you’re in the first row of a music performance.


​Music file format conversion function

Try converting music files into various formats. Conversion is possible into studio lossless WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc., M4A series that can be registered in iTunes, and OPUS format which is appropritate for streaming services. Moreover, you can have your own collection of music by automatically changing the music file names based on meta information.

Since 2016

History of Pine Player

World Best free Media Player On MacOS 

The free Pine Player project started six years ago through the efforts of an individual developer. We started developing MacOS with the idea that a simple and powerful player was needed to solve the inconvenience of listening to music. Pine Player Pro continues to develop based on its know-how.

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