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DAC Control Mode

Pine Player Pro has three *DAC control modes.

DAC Priority Control Mode

This method specifies the saved digital format of the audio file as the DAC's conversion settings.

Example) Before playing a 16 bit 44.1kHz audio file, the DAC's input data settings are converted to the same 16bit 44.1kHz.

Since you are using a high-end DAC, this setting will change the DAC settings in the optimal way before playing music.

Equalizer Mode

To apply high-quality 12 Band EQ to audio files, you need to use a specific digital filter before frequency calculation.

You must select this mode to use EQ.

OSF Control Mode

This is usually how you play audio files on your Mac. With the optimal DAC settings fixed in advance, the audio file is converted according to the DAC settings.

Open the settings screen and select the DAC Control tab.


DAC, also called D/A Converter, is the acronym for digital-to-analog conversion circuit. It is an electronic circuit that converts encoded digital audio signals into an analog one (voltage, current, etc.) It is an important device that converts digitally saved music files into analog audio signals.


Audio Track

Pine Player Pro plays files with dual Audio Tracks by default. So, you can implement the cross fade effect for your next music and convert and play sound sources of various formats in real time.

However, if you want to play music with the original sound (Bit Perfect) or play music that continues without separate tracks, such as classical music, you must use a single Audio Track.

*Single Audio Track is still an experimental feature and may affect stability.

Open the Settings screen and select the Audio Track tab.


Equalizer & Bass Contrsol

If you wish to use the high-quality Equalizer of 12 Band, you must set the DAC Mode to Equalizer Mode as formerly mentioned.

When you want to emphasize or eliminate Bass, you can use the Dynamic Bass Control function.

It will be convienient if you press the “+ button”, enter a name for your settings, and save it. After you complete your settings, you must press the “Save button”and save your information.



Pine Player Pro provides a built-in function to convert music files.

It is also possible to convert the files into various formats and change the name of the file using metadata.


Meta Editor

Pine Player Pro provides a function that allows you to edit album art and meta information for music files. You can also edit meta information in batches by selecting multiple songs in your playlist.

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