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Apply gain and EQ settings to each song.

When saving multiple songs to a playlist, you may want to listen to some songs a little louder because the gain is low. Also, in some songs, you may want to emphasize the vocal range a little more. In this case, I had to manually adjust the gain or EQ settings each time I played a song.

However, you can avoid this inconvenience by using a function called TRACK EQ. When playing music, open the EQ window. The song playing is displayed here. If you adjust the settings to the most appropriate settings for the song being played and press the Save Track EQ button, the next play will automatically be adjusted to the settings saved before this song is played.

Even if this song is in a different playlist, if it is recognized as the same song, the Track EQ settings are applied, which is very convenient.

When Track EQ is set, a mark appears at the top of the play window as shown in the picture, and the settings in the EQ window are automatically changed.

Of course, when the song is finished playing, it automatically returns to the previous EQ settings.

Have a nice music life.

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