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Experience 768kHz oversampling.

Updated: May 31

Semibreve DA10S DAC with XMOS 768KHz Over

This product was purchased from Ali Express and was equipped with the Amanero USB Controller Module.

The clarity of the Dual ES9038Q2M is definitely good, and the price is very affordable. The finish and display of the product are also good.

However, it would be better to replace the built-in NJM5532DD OPAMP. I replaced the BB I had with OPA2604 and felt that the sense of space was definitely improved.


In my case, I replaced the firmware of the Amanero USB. Sometimes there was a ticking noise. Please refer to the YouTube video below for how to update. It's not difficult, but for this product, I had to short the two pins 2 and 3, which are different from the video.

There are several versions of firmware. There was a version that supported up to 786kHz, but it did not work properly. Try the highest version and if you have problems, try a different version.


Now, except for one thing, I am satisfied with using it.

When I connect my earphones to the built-in headphone jack, the output is weak and white noise occurs. When listening through a headphone amplifier, the noise disappeared, but if you want to enjoy headphones, you need to use a separate headphone amplifier or convert the RCA output to a headphone jack to be useful.

Never use the headphone output terminal. You will be disappointed.


Overall, it seems to be a very useful product if tuned well.

I have now ordered a new OPAMP and XMOS USB module.

When this arrives I will update after using it.

I obtained an XMOS USB interface to operate 768kHz oversampling from Semibreve DA10S DAC to Pine Player. Please see the photo below. I bought it from Ali. I had to solder the connecting pins provided. It wasn't difficult, but I was a little embarrassed.

After soldering, I installed it as shown in the picture and played it in OSF mode, and it played normally with 768kHz oversampling.

Although there are various controversies, operating a DAC with oversampling clearly shows a difference in sound quality. You may need to use a filter to remove digital noise.

DA10S provides the ability to select digital filters. I was able to select the following digital filters provided by ESS.


Minimum Phase Fast

Minimum Phase Slow

Apodizing Fast

C-M Phase Fast

Brick Wall

Linear Phase Fast

Linear Phase Slow


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